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Example Projects and Carbon Sequestration

Nature Based Solutions

According to the United Nations Global Impact, "Nature-Based Solutions can provide over one-third of the cost-effective climate mitigation needed between now and 2030 to stabilize warming to below 2 °C, achieving nature’s mitigation potential of 10-12 gigatons of CO2 per year."

Below are example projects that FULL is currently implementing to support planetary life support using nature based solutions.


Vitalizing Rwanda

Scaled Carbon Sequestration & Food Security

Moringa trees sequester 20 times more carbon than other vegetation (80kg/yr), are native to Rwanda, and the moringa leaves are nutrient dense. FULL is planting an abundance of Moringa trees in Western Rwanda to not only support climate change, but also provide a nutrient dense food for the 80% of Rwandan children that lack a diverse diet. 

FULL's solution could empower intercropping and agroforestry in local communities to sequester over 1 million tons of carbon and eliminate infant nutrient insecurity by 2028.


Buy Carbon Sequestration

If you would like to support our projects using Nature Based Solutions for climate change, please fill out form on this page and submit. We'll be in touch soon.

Cost: $30.00 USD/PER TONNE

(For example, if you purchased 5 tons of carbon credits, the payment would be $150.00 USD.)


Thanks for reaching out regarding purchasing carbon credits. We'll be in touch shortly.

The Gold Standard and Victoria Ecosystems Intelligent Natural Asset Methodology


Gold Standard takes a unique approach to land use activities that sequester carbon or avoid GHG emissions, focusing only on mechanisms that can deliver a high level of environmental integrity.  Read More >>

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The revolutionary concept behind Victoria's Legacy Offset is Decentralized Environmental Verification (DEV), which allows us to go from a model in which we have to always trust the certifiers to one in which we can trust data directly, and where data can be independently verified by anyone (including, yes, certifiers and authorities). Read More >>

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