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What is FULL?

Full is an app built to fight food shortages, combat inflation, and create beautiful spaces for all by making community gardens more accessible. It will be fun, fruitful, free, and FULL of new friends (think Farmville meets Bumble BFF).

Who is FULL?

Full is anyone that is passionate about the environment and food insecurity. Full is being built to fight food shortages, combat inflation, and create beautiful spaces for all by making community gardens more accessible.

Why have you created FULL?

It’s simple: nobody should be without food; nobody should be without friends. We’re here to build a more beautiful, healthy (and less hungry) planet. A place where everyone can be full!

Will I be using the app?

Aiding in the economic and environmental crises can’t wait. If you are interested, we'll match you to a garden now, if there's one in your area and and you'll get the app once you're in the garden! Join our waitlist to get more information and be notified when the app is ready for download (and to start growing FREE FOOD, for you and for others who need it).

Where will gardens be located?

Our goal is to start a food revolution, and limiting the benefits to one geographical location would go against our reasons for doing so: to bring free, fresh food to everyone! The FULL movement is going GLOBAL. Join us at the link in bio so you can start a garden or be notified when one is ready for people to join.

Is it free?

It's free to join the FULL app. It’s also free to join a garden. Some gardens may request small annual dues, but in most cases it can be covered by our partners.

Will I be in a garden with other people?

Each acre of garden will have 20 open slots available. You can join with friends, make some new friends, or both. Either way, your time commitment will be manageable and your participation will be fulfilling and fun.

How much food will I grow?

That’s up to you and your team to decide! Harvest size will be influenced by what and how much is planted,  the size of your team, and how much you’d like to produce. 

What if we grow more than we want ourselves?

That's great! FULL provides help all the time because we want to see abundance in every garden. When it happens for you, it's your choice: give it away or sell it to restaurants and markets. Either way, we'll help!

What if I get sick or have a conflict and can't come to the garden for a while?

That's where the community rocks! Life happens to everyone. Full allows you to organize, communicate, and schedule with your team so everyone can support each other when they need it.

Is this good for the environment? 

100% YES! FULL helps communities build gardens with diverse, delicious, high-nutrient foods that complement the natural ecosystem. Every garden adds biodiversity and makes the bees very happy.

How can I help?

Join our waitlist. Let us know you’re interested. Also, follow us on social media and help spread the word. If we all work together we can have a major global impact on food insecurity and the environment.

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