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Disaster Mitigation

Full can provide innovative solutions to minimize a range of natural disasters, leveraging advanced technologies and strategic approaches that mimic or enhance natural ecosystem properties. Watch this video to see how Full can address key natural disasters:

FULL's innovative solutions for Disaster Mitigation

  • Floods: Artificial wetlands, smart urban green spaces, reforestation projects.

  • Droughts: Afforestation, sustainable land management, agroforestry.

  • Landslides/Mudslides: Slope stabilization with vegetation, especially deep-rooted plants.

  • Storms/Hurricanes: Coastal ecosystem protection, mangrove and coral reef restoration.

  • Heatwaves: Urban green spaces (parks, gardens, green roofs) for cooling and shading.

  • Soil Erosion: Techniques like cover cropping, terracing, and natural windbreaks.

  • Wildfires: Brush removal, maintenance of natural firebreaks.

  • Sea-Level Rise: Preservation and restoration of coastal ecosystems like marshlands and dunes.

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