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A planetary life support company at the forefront of the sustaintable cities transition

Planetary Life Support Tech that sustains the 5 life support pillars of temperature, breathable air, nutrient dense food, clean water and human contact.

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What is FULL?

Climate change adaption is expensive and slow. FULL has made it fast and agile. FULL works with businesses and governments
to increase conditions for growth and pays for it out of captured savings. Rapid environmental change is accelerating natural disasters, shrinking cities, and creating stranded assets. FULL’s
tech can actually reverse this trend, decreasing portfolio risk.

Economic Growth Challenge


Limited power supply hinders city growth

Comprehensive Solution 

FULL assesses city conditions, suggesting greentech, resident engagement, and financing via energy savings.

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Swift Implementation

We ensure fast, affordable feasibility for these initiatives.

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FULL uses AI to connect these 5 pillars with hardware, software, nature, and people.
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Built environment REgional Scale

As average temperatures
change, you spend more in energy on HVAC. FULL’s green hardware can retrofit any building, reducing energy costs 50% in built environments and
cooling temps regionally.

AI-NBS, Biostatistics
Decentralized Ag

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Poor nutrition and 

chemical/sound pollution are leading causes of worker sick days, high healthcare costs, regional instability, low productivity, and emigration. FULL sites produce high quality food and clean air, attracting new talent and boosting the economy.

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Waste Moisture
Biosphere Design

Floods and droughts can
slow or halt city growth,
disrupt supply chains, and
limit manufacturing. FULL
uses Nature Based
Solutions (NBS) to clean
and manage water.

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Collaborative SaaS
Free to individuals

FULL uniquely includes
social interaction in all
designs, which allows
our tech to improve
over time, increase
impact, and further
reduce attrition.

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Technology that Gets Better with Time

Our scalable approach can both physically mitigate climate adaption costs/risks and offer a dynamic solution unique to the people who live and work there. Governments looking to boost growth, asset managers to reduce risk, or businesses to attract
talent and manage costs can all gain from working with FULL.

FULL's Global Impact

FULL Offers End-to-End Technologies

Verticals for Governments, B2B and B2C





Multidimensional Impact

Multi-stakeholder Mgmt

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Business to Business (B2B)

Zero out of pocket

Increase asset value

Makes real-estate assets into cleantech


Business to Consumer (B2C)

Indoor Greenwalls

GreenPup Palaces

FULL Garden SaaS

Green Hills

Nature Based Solutions

One of the most impactful ways to affect climate change is to implement nature based solutions. These solutions not only mitigate climate warming and the planet's carbon footprint, but it contributes to the creation of new jobs, support a sense of community and to reduce people’s poverty. 

FULL Community Gardens

We are a one-stop-shop for making spaces regenerative.

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We provide the professionals to install, and the communities to maintain gardens sustainably

End-to-end collaborative
management, plus

Seeds, tools, knowledge for success on customer rooftops, walls and lawns

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FULL can help any building meet global environmental standards.

We have the most cost effective solution that addresses the pains of landlords, businesses, cities, and people simultaneously.

Eco Friendly Buildings
A 14 acre garden can grow up to 15K lbs of produceyr (8).png

The FULL Benefits

Major Partnerships

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Vegetable Garden



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